Last week a delegation of distributors from all over Europe was a guest at the Bosch Security Systems factory in Portugal. VideoGuard was also there to take a look behind the scenes of the production process. Among other things, it showed how the new Flexidome 8000i and MIC 4K are built.

VideoGuard had the invitation for bezThis is due to the high performance at the factory in Portugal, which was recently rewarded with a Platinum Partner certificate. The certificate involved a visit to the Bosch factory in Ovar, near Porto, to give distributors an impression of the production process and the quality assurance that Bosch adds to its products.

Bosch has been in Portugal since 1911 and is particularly active in the country. Not only with security products, but also with heating technology, multimedia for cars, communication systems and water treatment technology. The production of security technology is concentrated in Ovar. Specialists from the factory discussed the special characteristics of the various innovations and how installers and end users can make optimum use of them. The knowledge gained is another important enrichment of the expertise of VideoGuard with regard to products from Bosch Security Systems. For more information you can contact