The application of network (IP) cameras requires, in addition to the right software management platform, the right hardware foundation. The NVR (Network Video Recorder) is therefore also the heart of an IP video system and therefore important to make the right choice in it, which fits the application and the expectations of the user.

Videoguard has a wide variety of different NVRs that can be used for various applications. This can vary from, for example, camera surveillance for security applications to mobile NVRs for use in (moving) objects.


Can be used for small-scale surveillance and surveillance applications, typically with 3 to 12 cameras. These fully configured NVRs have all the necessary hardware and software and can be combined with almost all IP cameras on the market. The NVR can easily be placed in a wide variety of locations. Two monitors can be connected, one for the hotspot monitor and the other for the overview of all images.


These business models are suitable for a wide range of camera surveillance and video surveillance applications ranging from modest (± 10 cameras) to medium and large applications (20 – 100+ cameras), see also the NVR matrix on the next page. For example, these NVRs can be used in small offices, warehouses and also hospitals, banks, offices, business parks, metro / train stations etc. Several Videoguard NVR systems can be used cooperatively for installations with several hundred cameras with central, decentralized and remote management.

An important difference with the Small Business NVRs is that more data security can be chosen and expandability. Also, watching live video and / or recordings often takes place on PCs in the network and not on the NVR itself.


Videoguard has the Mobile NVR for mobile or industrial applications. A practical example can be a mobile application where power consumption can be an important selection factor such as: car, train, metro, etc. Temperature, cooling and shock resistance can also be additional selection criteria. The Videoguard Mobile NVR offers the possibility to use IP cameras for various mobile and industrial applications.


Many applications require ever-longer storage of image material in combination with increasingly better image quality. That is why the Videoguard IP Video NVRs are available in different storage capacities. With an extension, a Videoguard IP Video NVR is able to enable image storage from various months to even years (taking into account the applicable regulations).

Various capacities (up to 100’n Terabytes) of IP Video Safe Storage are available for extending the standard storage period.

Characteristics of these systems is that they are ideally suited for CCTV, IP Surveillance and A / V. There are also various safety measures in place in the event of a possible failure of certain components, so that they can continue working without hindrance. The different Safe Storage systems are engineered to the number of cameras that must be managed, so that you always have the best fitting solution.


The live viewing and active management of IP Video systems also places demands on the client equipment used. Since IP Video is a relatively heavy application, Videoguard has developed the IP Video Workstation. Equipped with 2 monitor connections as standard, very quiet in use and optimally suited for IP Video. In addition, a choice can be made from various screen sizes up to 50 “, optionally with joystick control. Videoguard systems are installed and serviced by recognized security installation and IT companies. Additionally, Onsite Service can be closed on the Videoguard NVRs with a 5 × 8 4-hour response with a 36-month duration. Optional other service agreements can be made.

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