Integrated systems are past time …
Go for the future with a “unified” security system

Your customers use their security system to keep their organization safe and secure. Their access control system (ACS) is currently integrated into their video management system (VMS).

However, we are seeing more and more inefficiencies with their current system. Operators view videos and monitor doors from a silo approach while new personnel must be trained to use multiple systems. This creates confusion and potentially human errors.

Different systems limit the exchange of information between platforms. It is difficult to make reports and even make data relationships virtually impossible. If the customer performs his ACS upgrade, his VMS no longer works properly or he loses important functions. Troubleshooting now ends up on your plate. While you waste time managing several different manufacturers, those involved try to shift the blame and responsibility.

That leads to frustration. Systems can fail at critical moments and the costs increase considerably. Fundamental shortage with an integrated approach to security come to the surface and the customer seeks your help with guidance for the future.

A security system that monitors all events and alarms from a uniform interface simplifies everything. Security Center Synergis ™ creates a seamless link between ACS and VMS. Take the time to learn more about the differences between a “unified” versus an integrated security system and how “unification” is clearly the winning approach.


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