SDSCs will change the future of city and neighborhood prevention

According to BCC Research, the ‘smart city market’ will reach an amount of $ 775 billion in 2021. A large amount of this amount goes to safety.
That is why many urban centers have already implemented SDSCs, Strategic Decision Support Centers. An SDSC helps to unite and centralize public security operations through a common picture and promotes cooperation with private organizations.

What is changing is that the technology on which SDSCs are built becomes more affordable and accessible to smaller communities. Such solutions can be developed to support police stations in specific neighborhoods and districts at a price that fits within their budget.

With the help of an SDSC, local managers have a better picture and more information at hand. This helps them to shorten response times, increase resolution rates and build effective crime prevention strategies. In the future, SDSCs will continue to play an important role in improving neighborhood prevention / security in large and small communities.


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