The security of access management is shifting from “cardholder management” to “identity management”

More is needed to secure an organization than just keeping the wrong people out of buildings.
Access to intellectual property, systems and specialized equipment must also be protected. That’s why more and more companies are starting to manage identities instead of just cardholders (those who are authorized).
What are identities? By this we mean digital profiles for every person who comes into contact with the organization. These profiles can contain many characteristics such as position, salary, ranking, qualifications, accreditations, etc.

Using an identity and access control system, an organization can automatically assign employee rights to buildings, as well as (for example, CRM) systems. This eliminates the time-consuming work involved in applying for and granting authorizations, while at the same time ensuring compliance with compliance standards. Security teams also get a clearer picture of potential threats by detecting suspicious behavior that goes beyond the physical risks.

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