Not surprisingly, VideoGuard’s systems offer enormous possibilities. In order to make full use of these possibilities and to serve your customers to the best of your abilities, VideoGuard offerstraining programs.

VideoGuard Support offers various courses for:

You can follow a hands-on training at our office in Waalwijk, where we provide practical training in our specially equipped space. For more information you can alwayscontact us.

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trends that will give the security industry form nr 6

trends that will give the security industry form nr 6


In the past, video analysis was primarily for companies with large budgets. Video analyzes have become much more affordable and easier to use, making them now also accessible to the masses. This is largely due to the fact that

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trends that will give the security industry form nr 5


Companies are getting more and more out of their security systems. Companies use data from their security solutions to improve business operations and increase home automation. Security data is shared with teams such as customer service, marketing, human resources

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