Traffic Sense


With the new solution, traffic workers can automate processes and gain control over the traffic situation by combining ITS, video surveillance and response technologies in the event of an incident.

With a modern approach to traffic situations, Genetec, a leading provider of integrated security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions, has announced the launch of a next-generation software platform called Genetec Traffic Sense ™. Traffic Sense is designed to make traffic tasks clearer and more efficient and brings a uniform view of traffic systems, uses emerging new technologies such as video and data analysis and introduces a higher level of automation to speed up the resolution of traffic incidents.

Traditional advanced traffic management systems require extensive, customized integration and development and are slowly adapting to changing environments. Traffic Sense, on the other hand, is designed to seamlessly integrate new and emerging technologies, reducing overall costs for customers and significantly reducing periodic deployments. With Traffic Sense, traffic control centers can respond to current situations, such as roadworks, new developments and changes in the driving behavior of drivers.

Traffic Sense offers a consolidated, uniform view of real-time conditions and traffic flows towards traffic centers, border crossing points and transport departments, so that they can follow the traffic situations real-time and in more detail. Traffic Sense enables traffic assistants to quickly make roads accessible again. From real-time reports of traffic incidents to all relevant information in a single interface and the supervision of responses via automated workflows.

By using various data sources (from roadside sensors to probe data from third parties for travel time analysis), Traffic Sense automatically identifies congestion. It correlates traffic data with associated video images, and displays everything in dynamic maps of roadways, with which operators are immediately and fully informed of what is happening. With this information, operators can take action via Traffic Sense to make the traffic situation normal again. They are guided in their actions by dynamic standard operating procedures and can update the signs along the relevant roads via Traffic Sense, so that drivers are always well informed.

“The road transport sector is going through a period of rapid transformation. New and emerging technologies are needed to help traffic centers understand and address the increased complexity of our roads and constantly changing traffic conditions,” says Christian Chénard-Lemire, Commercial and Delivery Lead -Traffic Sense at Genetec. “With Traffic Sense, we offer cities and provinces the opportunity to better understand and visualize what is happening on their roads. We can help them with the control they need to resolve incidents at any time,” continues Chénard-Lemire .

With Traffic Sense, organizations can also determine settlement procedures that help their teams respond to a traffic situation. Administrators create automated workflows that are activated based on an ongoing situation, which in turn present the correct response procedure to operators. They no longer have to guess or gamble and have everything they need directly in view. This approach is ultimately more efficient, less error-prone and ensures that operators can respond consistently and with less stress.
Traffic sense


Designed to be connected to a number of external traffic applications, Traffic Sense is the first traffic processing software on the Canadian market to integrate data directly from Google Maps. Traffic Sense can use Google Maps data, in addition to data from Bluetooth sensors and automated license plate recognition (ALPR) systems, to calculate absolute and relative travel times. Traffic Sense can then activate actions and automate tasks such as warning operators of unusual congestion and displaying delay warnings on digital traffic signs to redirect drivers.

The new software also integrates the automatic incident detection system from Citilog, part of Axis Communications. This system identifies incidents and accidents on streets, highways, bridges and tunnels within seconds. When a new incident occurs, such as a burning car or an illegally parked vehicle, Citilog automatically triggers an alarm in Traffic Sense, makes relevant video images available in the neighborhood and calls on the operator to call the emergency services and make relevant information available. and to pass on. For example, consider the GPS coordinates.

Traffic Sense is now available through the certified Genetec partners. For more information you can contact Videoguard – Frank Scholten (Product Manager) – +31 85 0 410 510

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