Remote support

VideoGuard Support strives to help quickly and adequately with troubleshooting and / or commissioning issues. Answering your questions becomes all the more easy because with our VideoGuard Remote Support service ‘we’ve got your situation’ in sight.

VideoGuard Remote Support enables service technicians to view and operate your systems and devices from a distance. We can work with your technicians or with third parties to solve the issues. All this with the highest possible security. We will always inform you to the best of our abilities about the support activities we carried out, by means of a detailed audit log of each session. (If desired, you can even download a video with all our doings).

VideoGuard Remote Support uses the best remote support tools available in the market. The product is used by thousands of customers in over 65 countries. (Including by Genetec Support)
Click on the icon on the right hand side to go to VideoGuard Remote Support and select the employee you made an appointment with.

For more information, problems, malfunctions or questions, contact Videoguard Support.