VideoGuard Support provides the services for VideoGuard. As a distributor of Genetec, VideoGuard offers support to the Genetec Resellers within the Benelux and Germany. Genetec is a Canadian Software House that brought the so-called Security Center to the market: a ‘Unified’ Security platform that seamlessly connects IP Security systems within a single intuitive interface. In addition to the Genetec software, the product portfolio consists of related hardware and ‘IP edge devices’ that are integrated into the Genetec Security Center platform.


Our VideoGuard Support staff are trained IT specialists with knowledge of the Genetec Security Center product. The mix of ICT and product knowledge is a combination with a strong added value for the Genetec Reseller. The expertise in the field of ICT networks, server and storage solutions, Windows operating systems, SQL databases and the knowledge of security related edge devices (such as cameras, access control controllers, intercoms and IP-security devices) are part of the Videoguard Support services.


VideoGuard Support uses Bomgar to take over servers and PC’s remotely. This allows us to take over your server or PC regardless the location, and to provide the desired or necessary service (an internet connection is necessary). All this with the highest possible security. You always get a complete insight into the remote support activities carried out by means of a detailed audit log of each session and, if desired, you can download a video from the performed actions. Each server or pc delivered by VideoGuard is provided with a Bomgar request button.



VideoGuard servers are optimally tailored to the Genetec Security Center solution. In addition to the standard configuration, the servers are also configured with VideoGuard ‘Best Practice’. VideoGuard Best Practice are settings from daily practice which benefit the performance. We provide various services for the installation of VideoGuard servers. Remote Support, Pre-sales, Consultancy for Specifications and Tenders, Design, Installation & Commissioning and a professional Helpdesk.


In order to keep our Genetec Security Center up to date, we recommend Genetec Advantage (an SMA: software maintenance agreement). With ‘Advantage’ you have the right to upgrade your system and to provide the latest version of Genetec with all kinds of new software functionalities and permanently connect the latest IP-edge devices. This way we can guarantee a security solution without an EOL date.



Besides Genetec Advantage we offer you a VideoGuard Support Contract. The VideoGuard Support staff are ICT specialists, well trained at the Genetec Security Center product. This means lots of added value for the Genetec Resellers. To make optimal use of the VideoGuard Support Contract, there must be a possibility for a VideoGuard Remote Support functionality. To use the VideoGuard Support Desk you must have an SMA on the system ID.


VideoGuard’s goal is to guarantee an up-to-date system with minimal downtime of the system or component within the system. Therefore we aim to detect faults and potential problems as early as possible and to nip them in the bud. By monitoring the systems we can provide proactive support. Before a customer contacts us with a problem, it has already been detected by the VideoGuard support staff, picked up and the problem is already solved or a solution is in progress. To be able to use the VideoGuard Monitoring Services, you must have an SMA on the system ID and a VideoGuard Support Contract.


With the VideoGuard Security Contract your system is always up to date and all software is upgraded monthly to the latest software versions, including the firmware of the IP devices. A dynamic password policy is also applied to the servers, client PC’s and IP devices, with so called strong passwords. If possible (depending on the choice of IP devices) we use ‘secured connections’. Bosch cameras for example can be connected and provided with a https security certificate, or a SRTP stream with which the video stream can be executed encrypted from the camera to the client PC. We can also apply special software to any Genetec Security Center server such as ‘Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit’ (EMET). EMET anticipates the most common techniques used by hackers to exploit security breaches in computer systems.

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