The quickly deployable, fully autonomous intelligent monitoring solution for, for example, local authorities, events and construction sites.


Mobiqam® is probably the most advanced mobile video surveillance system in industry. Since its launch in Belgium, it has become an intelligent mobile security solution for local authorities, events and construction sites. Why? It is the only fully autonomous, battery-operated, rapidly deployable surveillance system, offering both a plug and play battery as well as a USB drive. Moreover, it is a mobile CCTV security system that does not require a tower unit, allowing easy deployment and response to changing circumstances.

Fast deployable security system
Mobiqam® is fast and easy to use. Everything is ready within 15 minutes and therefore easy to use.

Privacy by desgin
The Mobiqam® Portal is fully secured to guarantee the privacy of all users. Whether you are connected to 4G, WiFi or a cable network. All communication uses end-to-end encryption, so hackers don’t stand a chance.

Mobiqam Portal

Portal for all cameras
The Mobiqam® Portal provides access to an intuitive, secure platform to view videos, delete data, check memory capacity or battery level and view the location of each Mobiqam®. Add users and manage them in your own way. Set notifications for all types of events, such as low battery, sensor activity, or shock detection.

Industry leading battery
Multiple battery options with battery autonomy up to six days. The revolutionary click system makes it easy to change the batteries. You don’t even have to remove the camera. Just click of the empty battery and click the charged battery back in while the camera stays in place. So easy.

Every connection you need
Connectivity options are 4G, Wireless Point-to-Point, WiFi (client and access point), Ethernet connection to your private network and a commercial internet uplink.

Choose your camera
Mobiqam® is designed to work with an available surveillance camera. Every situation can be provided with the right camera solution. Ask for our list of approved suppliers.

The mobile video surveillance solution with easily removable media
Simply disconnect the USB stick and you have the data you need. Regarding data storage, recording starts as soon as the camera detects motion. This saves you lots of storage and time when browsing through the collected data.

Always a view of the location
With the built-in GPS system you always know where your Mobiqam® is located. Set a geofence around your Mobiqam® to prevent unauthorized movements or theft.

100% Made in Belgium
Mobiqam® has been developed and produced in Europe after extensive research. Direct support from the manufacturer is thus guaranteed for the partners.



Fast implementation of surveillance solutions for local authorities

Local authorities use Mobiqam® as a supplement to their fixed camera network, for example in campaigns against vandalism, illegal dumping and junk. Mobiqam® offers the advantage of being a rapidly deployable surveillance system that makes it easy to respond to changing circumstances, such as changed litter sites.

Extending security during events

Events use Mobiqam® as a fast and intelligent solution for temporary surveillance cameras, because it can act quickly and decisively. Combine Mobiqam® with a wireless point-to-point connection and it is the ideal solution for live monitoring events. Do you detect a blind spot at the last minute? Just set up a Mobiqam® and solve the problem within 15 minutes because installation is so quickly.

Protection of construction sites and heavy equipment

Contractors use Mobiqam® to protect construction sites and heavy equipment. Mobiqam® can also be used as a time-lapse camera for marketing purposes. Don’t worry about spending too much time on setting up, because the fast implementation function of Mobiqam® makes it live within 15 minutes.




Oostende voor Anker is a maritime festival in the Belgian coastal town of Oostende. The festival attracts 200,000 visitors and needed help in keeping an overview of their event. By equipping Mobiqam® with a wireless point-to-point connection, the organizers were able to follow the event with continuous live streams.


‘Jeneverfeesten’ is a well known festival in Hasselt (Belgium). Freely translated, this means Juniper or Gin Festival. Needless to say, at a festival where 25,000 liters of drinks are served to a total of 150,000 visitors, extra supervision is necessary. The Hasselt police are strengthening their fixed camera network with Mobiqam® to keep an eye on the festivities.


The heart of Europe, Brussels, is the place to be for people wanting to demonstrate. To keep calm during demonstrations, the city of Zaventem, the home of Brussels Airport, has temporarily set up Mobiqam® to be able to follow the crowd live.



The renovation of the Philips Bridge was one of Hasselt’s largest renovation projects in 2017 and took a year and a half to complete. The contractor needed a safe zone for his heavy equipment. They realized these using Mobiqam®. Mobiqam® was connected to the electricity grid, so that the battery functioned as a 3-day UPS.

Extra: the contractor used Mobiqam® to make a time-lapse of the project from start to finish. This became of good use for promotional purposes.


The longest cycle tunnel in Belgium was installed in just under two days. This showcase of infrastructural engineering was recorded using the Mobiqam® time – lapse functionality. Due to the long autonomy of the battery, the camera can be installed anywhere to get the perfect view. The customer opted for a very high-quality PTZ camera, so that the position could be adjusted remotely. Thanks to the 4G connection, the customer was able to check the works while on the road. The result is a beautiful time-lapse video, distributed by international media.
Thanks to Mobiqam® USB storage, this video could be displayed immediately and was already online few hours after the work was completed.

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