VideoGuard’s Edge storage solutions make it possible to record flexible and reliable images, optimize bandwidth usage, and lower the costs for remote site recording. Edge storage allows network cameras and video encoders to record video directly to an SD-card or microSD-card. It is sometimes referred to as local storage or onboard recording.


In multi-branch organizations, such as retail chains and companies with multiple offices, edge recording can be very lucrative. By triggering recordings (motion detection), only relevant images are recorded in the camera. The recorded video can be requested and played at any time by means of the relatively simple Internet / VPN infrastructure. If a retention time is desired which exceeds the storage capacity of the cameras, it is also possible to transfer the edge storage recordings to a central storage on a regular basis. Investing in (often expensive) NVR or PC Server hardware is no longer necessary, which can save you a lot of money.


  • No incomplete video in case of malfunction (or tampering) in the connection between camera and recorder. With edge storage, the recordings will remain available on the memory card and the camera will continue recording, even with an interrupted network connection.
  • After the network connection is restored, the memory card recordings are transferred directly to the NVR (Trickling).
  • Installation is also possible in “difficult” locations such as unmanned gas stations (high costs for continuous wireless connections and too little bandwidth available). Edge storage allows live video to be viewed in low res, while the recording continues in high res.

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