Intercoms are an important part of your security. The Sipelia Communications Management module of Security Center enables SIP-based communication between operators and your intercom devices. Videoguard offers various kinds of intercoms, depending on the size of your venues and the specific needs of your organization.

Sipelia from Security Center

Connecting the intercom devices to doors, entrances and cameras, you can optimize your security and act more quickly with incoming calls. Audio, video, nothing is impossible!

Moreover, Sipelia offers complete communication management facilities and allows integration of intercom and communication within the security system. This offers several advantages: one single application for all your communications, view live video of emergency calls and easily connect intercoms to access controlled doors and cameras.

Why videoguard?

  • Excellent service
  • Innovative ideas
  • Complete solution supplier
  • Installation support
  • Technical support by contract
  • Construction of custom-made video servers

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