Retail Sense


It is known that cameras are used in stores to record theft. Less known is that the functioning of the store can be improved with the same cameras. For example, by analyzing customer behavior and optimizing the layout of the store based on that. Cameras are ideal for collecting marketing data, which helps to increase the turnover of retailers. How? VideoGuard has all the knowledge to help installers get it done with Genetec Retail Sense.

Retail Sense

Large online stores do no different. They keep track of exactly what visitors are interested in and respond to this with personal offers. This is less easy in physical stores. The retailer cannot deploy an employee for every customer and customers would probably not appreciate that either. Security cameras and intelligent software bring a solution here. They see how busy it is, so that they can respond to this with staffing. But much more advanced functions are also possible. This way you can see which products or store displays attract the most attention, so that the “traffic” in the store can be optimized on that basis. Customers who can find everything easily buy more.


Retailers can follow trends with Genetec Retail Sense. On so-called heatmaps, he sees which departments are the busiest and at what times. This way crowds become predictable and the shopkeeper can deploy his employees in the right places on time. The effect of offers can be verified with the same method. Suppose a new product is launched on a special display. Do people stay there or hardly pay attention to it? This is valuable information for the retailer. It is also interesting to see how people move through the store. It is ideal if customers visit every aisle. But if they seem to wander through the store, it is apparently not clear or logical where products can be found. By changing the layout or placing signs, improvement is possible and the effect of this can be checked with heat mapping.

Retail Sense


The great thing is that usually the existing (IP) cameras can be used. Certainly if Genetec Security Center is already being used, investments in technology remain very limited for the retailer. Genetec Retail Sense extracts the marketing-relevant metadata from the image material and sends it to Microsoft’s Azure business intelligence platform for processing in the cloud. The retailer can easily extract reports from this, which help him to improve his sales and the shopping experience of his customers. Genetec offers the possibility to try Genetec Retail Sense for free for one month in one store. Naturally, VideoGuard provides all the support needed to achieve a perfect and highly expert end result.

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