Genetec helps small and medium-sized bank branches to merge security, operations and business information with a series of new solutions

Affordable offers help banks manage security, identify threats, reduce fraud, and handle cases quickly.

Genetec, a leading provider of integrated security, public safety, activities and business information, has recently introduced a new “Unified Solutions bundle” for financial institutions. It is an all-in-one, tailor-made solution to help banks with small and medium-sized branches and with the security management of ATMs (ATMs). They can also make better informed decisions and collaborate more closely to resolve incidents faster. The Unified Solutions bundle combines various easy-to-install Genetec products of high quality at an affordable price. Especially for financial institutions.

“Traditionally, financial institutions worked with small or medium-sized branches and ATMs, with multiple (security and analysis) vendors to combine solutions that were not made to work together. This created inefficiency and brought cyber security vulnerabilities, challenging maintenance, and operational situations with This led to higher costs, and our Unified Solutions bundle solves that problem by bringing security, operations and business information together in a single interface, reducing operator overload and improving efficiency. as a basis for this bundle, bank customers can be confident that their solutions will be deployed in accordance with best practices in the field of cyber security, ”explains Rob Borsch, Commercial & Practice Lead at Genetec.

With this new bundle and the integrated platform of the Genetec Security Center, financial institutions are able to get the best out of their existing security infrastructure and develop strategies to attract and retain customers, limit fraud and close cases quickly. By using built-in analysis tools for the huge amounts of data and video that are already being collected, they can make better decisions regarding personnel and manage the influx of people. This can help them to become more competitive and it has a very positive effect on the “customers journey”.

A uniform system can also improve overall industry security by giving staff all the information they need, including alarm and associated video images. This can be done on mobile devices or in their central operational center, so that they can respond quickly. In an emergency, an IP-based physical security system (which includes a card-based interface with cameras, doors, and other devices from a location) can make the difference.

The Genetec Unified Bundle is equipped with a Streamvault ™ ready-made device, pre-loaded with the unified platform of Genetec Security Center and other software, including:

* Omnicast ™

An IP-based video management system that goes further than just monitoring. Combined with video analysis, Which helps you secure and better understand your banking environment with real-time access to surveillance video from any computer or smartphone.

* Synergis ™

IP-based access control to manage movements of people in buildings, while doors and restricted areas in bank branches and administrative offices are secured.

* AutoVu ™

An automatic license plate recognition solution that makes vehicle identification possible. This can help your marketing and operational team to link specific vehicles to customer or employee profiles in your database or to identify unknown vehicles in your parking space.

* A camera Integrity monitor module that alerts customers when a camera is moved (pointed in a different direction), covered or manipulated.

* Retail Sense ™

Advanced consumer information that gives banks more insight into existing security data and can influence customers’ industry experience. These new insights enable you to make real-time decisions with more information that increase consumer engagement and profitability by analyzing data collected by your system.

<* A free 90-day license of the Genetec Clearance ™ digital evidence management system to speed up investigations by collecting, managing and sharing secure digital evidence from different sources./p>

Optional (among other things):

* ATM transaction integration (to correlate ATM activity with video images)

* Inbraakalarm panel integratie plug-in (efficiënt reageren op inbraakpogingen)

* Sipelia ™ Intercom hardware & licenses (SIP-based communication between operators and intercom devices)

* License for Federation connections (connecting different sites)

* Extended 5-year warranty

* Analog encoder card (s) for 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels.

More information or questions? Contact or call: +31 (0) 85 041 05 10.

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