Cameras are increasingly becoming an important and reliable witness to crime. But what happens next with the evidence? Genetec has developed a convenient and effective solution. With Genetec Clearance, internal and external parties can safely view the vital visual material. The user determines who gets which rights and there are special functions to guarantee privacy. With Genetec Clearance, vital evidence from video cameras is easily managed centrally. It does not necessarily matter where the material comes from. The web-based platform supports the most diverse video formats. Images from bodycams and smartphones, for example, can also be managed easily and clearly. The same applies to other digital evidence, such as audio recordings and photos. Genetec Clearance can convert the images to MP4, among other things, so that they can be viewed on almost any computer, tablet and smartphone. When images only need to be viewed, you can do so from the browser, if it supports html5.

People Clearance


Conveniently, various special functions have been added. For example, it is possible to link location data to the images. Especially with mobile camera surveillance, such as with bodycams, that is of great importance. Another possibility is to make faces of casual passers-by unrecognizable. Only the face of the suspect remains sharp. This function can be set up in such a way that, for example, the police see all faces sharply, which is important if one wants to trace witnesses.


Just rummaging through the evidence is not possible. The rights are easy to manage and the owner of the image material can check exactly and at any time who has consulted or changed which images and when. For internal employees this is even possible via a link with the Active Directory of the HRM system. Access to material can be secured in many ways, including with biometric authentication or a combination of authentication methods.

It is also possible to quickly determine whether the digital material is still authentic, which is of course of great importance in legal matters. Encryption is another important security feature. Images can be encrypted with AES-256 and SHA-256 bit encryption.

Clearance Files


Genetec Clearance is supplied as a service. There are four options. Plan 25 offers space for 25 cases per month and provides 600 GB of storage capacity. There are also plans for 200, 600 and 1000 cases per month and 3000, 7500 and 15,000 GB storage capacity, respectively. Storage takes place in the Microsoft Azure Cloud with highly secured, redundant servers, which are available at least 99.9% of the time. Because evidence is fully protected as standard, the chance of “leaks” or “disappearing” is minimal. Users of Genetec Clearance can determine for themselves within which national borders the evidence is transported and stored. For example, you can set the material to remain in the Netherlands at all times.



Working with Genetec Clearance requires no special skills. However, configuring the system requires the necessary expertise. After all, it is a vital application. Specialists at VideoGuard have followed the required official training courses at Genetec to train integrators and end users. This prevents evidence from being lost due to human errors or not being used optimally by all relevant parties. For example, with Genetec Clearance and the support provided by VideoGuard, a system can be set up that adds significant value to security systems and a safer society!

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