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The AutoVu license plate recognition system (also called ALPR: Automatic License Plate Recognition) automates the reading, collection and identification of license plates. It offers law enforcement agencies, as well as municipal and commercial organizations a simple and quick solution to locate suspect vehicles and enforce parking regulations. AutoVu is designed for both fixed and mobile installations and can be deployed in a variety of ways.

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With AutoVu, agencies are able to record number plates automatically, but it also enables them to inventory parking lots. AutoVu offers powerful features such as digital wheel imaging for vehicle marking and the enforcement of parking regulations with regard to shared parking permits. The AutoVu system not only records license plates, but also captures images of the vehicle, timestamps and GPS coordinates. This can dramatically reduce the number of disputes over parking fines!

In short, AutoVu provides law enforcement officers with the most accurate and reliable ALPR system in the industry. It identifies, combines data and helps in criminal investigation. This ultimately leads to a significant improvement in overall safety.

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