Access control

Videoguard provides a vast and versatile selection of access control hardware. Genetecs Synergis supports external modules and locks and allows you to choose the hardware that fits your specific needs. Synergis supports a wide range of IP door controllers, IP latches and PoE (Power Over Ethernet) edge devices. With Synergis, you can be sure that your investments remain protected throughout its lifespan.

Synergis Master Controller (SMC)

One of the top products in the range is Synergis Master Controller (SMC), an intelligent IP controller that supports the access control modules from the best-known manufacturers. The SMC is ideally suited for small locations to large plants with multiple locations. Benefit from advanced functionalities such as real-time IP connection, threat level management and area lockdown.

Videoguard also supplies several IP-based door controllers and modules, as well as different kinds of supporting hardware. It is also possible to order Videoguard software packages that seamlessly match the size and needs of your access control application.

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